What is SEO

Orangic Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is one of the most essential parts of an online marketing strategy  for any business. It is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results. Our team focuses on executing SEO strategies to be sure that the make sure each one of our clients comes our on top. Purple Moon Media studies Google and other search engines to stay on top of new changes and can build and rank your site to best reach your audience.


When trying to marketing your business amongst your community within specific city limits, local SEO will help your company flourish.  We can help you rank #1 on Google amongst your biggest in town competitors and watch as your traffic expands.


National SEO marketing is what your business needs to rank amongst its national competition.  This differs from local SEO and international SEO because the goal is aimed towards a different audience that you want to target your products or services to.


If you are trying to target your business towards a global audience, we can help with your SEO on a greater scale.  We look to larger scaled keywords that will help you rank amongst your international competitors.