Proactive Solutions

Online reputation management shouldn’t be something that is only contemplated when a disaster has occurred.  Brands and high-profile individuals benefit hugely by being proactive about their reputation and employing a strategy that limits the risk of a crisis occurring in the first place. There are ten positions on page one of Google. The more of these positions you control, the more secure and strong your online reputation will be. Even with site links and expanded search listings, your Google results page still has 6 positions that are exposed. Filling these up with your social media pages, blog posts and positive reviews about your company will push negative content off the first page. Not only will a proactive reputation management strategy protect you from a possible online crisis, but also it works to build a positive image of you online. For firms, a continuing reputation management plan can increase trust in your brand, in turn increasing return consumers and bolstering your position in the market.

Monitoring online activity for your name and keyword search terms.

Monitoring and analyzing key competitor digital activity.

A Positive PR strategy.

Creating and managing online assets, including social media properties.

Ongoing consultancy to improve communications internally and manage reputation risk.

Online review and forum management.