What We Offer

Purple Moon Media offers a full service customer interaction product. Customer support, customer service, order fulfillment, Sales, lost package claims and on and on. We take the relationship approach over the transactional approach, customers are people not numbers on an excel spreadsheet.

Call Center

24 hours 7 days a week we offer phone support, email support, click to chat, and technical support.  Our current languages supported are English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

Order Fulfillment & Lost Package Claims

We totally support your e-commerce business with e-mail confirmation follow-ups and customer support 24/7 to ensure you have received your orders and are 100% satisfied with your experience. Allow us to work for you and get your insurance claim filed with the couriers. You need that money to make sure the business is protected we can do that for you also we call it Purple Power!


Whether it be hospitality, technology specific, or plain paper bags- if you have it for sale and need able minds and bodies to man the digital and virtual airways, let our Purple People answer the call.

Customer Service

Once your sale is complete now what? Instead of turn and burn why not support and earn? Customer support is fundamental in customer retention. Everyone is a customer to someone, we truly believe in real customer service.